How to use your Netlify domain as a subdomain for your Hashnode blog

How to use your Netlify domain as a subdomain for your Hashnode blog

Did you buy your Domain on Netlify, and now you want to use your domain with Hashnode as your blogging service?

Me too.

You can easily create a subdomain from your existing domain on netlify and connect it to your blog in 4 steps.

Step 1 - Choose your Netlify project and go to the domain settings

Go to your netlify overview page and choose the app with the domain you want to connect to your Hashnode blog.

If you are on the overview of your project, you have a "Domain settings" button.

button to get to domain settings

After clicking the button you see your Domain settings.

Step 2 - Go to your DNS settings

On the Domain settings page, you now see an "Options" dropdown next to your domain. If you click it, a dropdown opens with a button to go to your DNS settings.

domain settings overview and button to get to DNS settings

Step 3 - Add the Hashnode CNAME record

On the DNS settings page, you see a button "Add new record".

Button to open new record modal

If you click it, a modal opens where you can add your CNAME record.

Modal to add a new CNAME record to a netlify domain

On Record type you select CNAME. In the field name, you put the name of the subdomain you want to connect to your blog.

For example:

If your domain is and you chose the name "xyz", then your Hashnode blog can be accessed under the domain

In value, you have to put in:

If you want to know what a CNAME is you can read this Cloudflare blog about the DNS CNAME RECORD.

You can leave the field "TTL in seconds (optional)" empty.

When you have filled out all the fields you can click on the Save button to add the new CNAME.

Step 4 - Add your custom Domain to your Hashnode Blog

Go to your Hashnode blog's dashboard and click on "Domain" in the navigation. On the domain settings page, you can click on "custom domain".

Hashnode blog dashboard with arrows to arrows to show the click path to the custom domain settings

Then you have to enter the domain you created in netlify before in step three into the text field.

After that click on the update button.

If you clicked on the update button, you get redirected to a new overview page for your custom domain.

Custom domain settings with all three tests passed

If one of the checkmarks is not green and still grey, you can click on refresh.

Note: After you added the new domain and the CNAME it can take up to 24 hours for your changes to be applied.

This is how you connect your domain which you bought on Netlify to your Hashnode blog.

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